Getting Ahead via E-Commerce

Mother of five Suzilawati binti Jaafar (or Kak Ti) has her work cut out for her daily.

Recently, she added managing a business to the mix.

“I attend morning briefings while cooking and monitor orders in between chores,” Kak Ti excitedly shares on the benefits of doing business online, which besides being a good source of income, allows for social interaction with friends, old and new.

This goes to the crux of Teknologi Membantu Golongan Kurang Upaya (OKU) Meningkatkan Sumber Pendapatan (IT4OKU) programme organised by YOKUK, A Foundation for the Disabled & Underprivileged (YOKUK).

It provides opportunities for those restricted by physical or other challenges. Kak Ti is one of its 20 participants. During her days of door-to-door sales, she had to bring along her two differently-abled children and she was limited to areas near home.

“The popularity of buying and selling online during MCO led to the idea for IT4OKU. The main objective is to train persons with disabilities and their families or guardians to gain income through online businesses,” explains Chief Operating Officer, Sulaini Mat Il.

According to Sulaini, besides funding the training also benefited from guidance from Hasanah on how best to run it.

After attending training sessions with various brands, participants choose the product(s) they wish to sell. Kak Ti selected food items that she enjoyed herself and hence, will be able to sell well.

Her two children now help with tasks such as affixing stickers on the products. She hopes that, with time, their involvement will grow as the business has.