A Project Impacting Urban B40 Families and Rural Farmers

Combat Malnutrition for the Urban B40 care packs are not your typical food aid.  

Every item is well-thought-through. Care packs contained 1kg good quality rice, 10 packs of freeze-dried products, virgin coconut emulsion supplements and 10 canned meals. 

Project Head Marian Chins desire to preserve the unique taste of Sarawakian cuisine led to canning well-loved dishes namely ayam pansuh, ikan terung asam and rebung rebus. Since the pandemic shelved retail plans, Marian decided to distribute them as food aid instead. 

Besides the urban B40 who Marian worries are dangerously overlooked, another target group are hardworking rural farmers like Jayah Anak Bohoi from Kampung Ensika. He has been farming for as long as he can remember and grows pepper, paddy, long beans, brinjal and banana on his land. 

Jayah has experienced a marginal increase in income and cumulatively, 50 farmers generated RM114,592.04. Supplying to this project also eliminates the need of a middleman whose cut, according to Marian, goes up to 50%. 

“I do not think this project would have come to fruition had it not been for Yayasan Hasanah, simply because of the enormity of cost to buy produce,” she says. It is later canned or freeze-dried for the care packs which she hopes made for a pleasurable eating experience where families can choose from a variety of delicious local dishes. 

“When giving to the lesser (fortunate), please don’t make it lesser in quality, quantity, taste and choice,” says Marian offering some food for thought.