Weathering the Storm

Mohd Hayari bin Sukri and his family remember that violently stormy night as if it was yesterday.

At 4 a.m., he was awakened by the sound of strong winds and soon after what he dreaded happened — a large tree came crashing down on the house.

“One of my children suffered a head injury while another was pinned under the tree,” Hayari shares, choking up as he recalls the nightmare.

It would be a hour before the child was freed from under the rubble.

Pertubuhan Komuniti HARAP Kuantan (HARAP) was alerted about the family’s plight by village head, Tok Empat Awang who is also a HARAP community leader.

Established in 2013, it is on a mission to be the guiding light in engaging, encouraging and empowering the community by enhancing the wellbeing of those in need.“More than half the house was destroyed and we knew we had to act quickly,” HARAP Treasurer, Ivy Lau recounts the dire condition of the family home.

Through collaborating with Hasanah, in 2011 HARAP was able to help with a total of 77 house repairs and provide basic necessities for 300 families in Kuantan who were affected by the floods.

“I did not even know some of the people who were already clearing up the fallen tree when I got home from the hospital…Others offered monetary aid,” shares Hayari who is grateful for the assistance from neighbours, friends and strangers alike, proving that when a community comes together, kindness can go a long way in weathering the storm.